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6 Tips For Staging When Selling Real Estate

Written By: Dean Cacioppo
Thursday, January 9, 2020

One area that both agents and private sellers alike often overlook is house staging. Have you ever watch an episode of Million Dollar Listingnbsp;where top real estate agents sell million dollar properties? The agents never show a home naked; they are willing to spend top dollar to private staging agents to ensure the home looks inviting.

Its not necessary to spend thousands of dollars to decorate a house before selling, but keep in mind that statistics show the selling price of a house increases by as much as 6-20 percent, me>

Tips to look for when staging

Real estate agents report that women, overwhelmingly influence whether a couple buys or not. So a few things to have when staging include:

1. Having a nice looking refrigerator in the kitchen. If there is an old fridge or no fridge at all, the kitchen just looks naked. You can rent one for a few dollars per week.

2. Have an area rug, a nice couch, a couple of ferns and lamps, and perhaps a >

3. Have a bed with a >

4. Decorate the bathrooms. It typically takes less than 25 to decorate a bathroom, and the impact plays big on certain clients sensibilities.

5. If there is a swimming pool or backyard barbecue, stage it as well. A barbecue set and a decorated table with chairs, or a pool surrounded by a couple of umb>

6. Consider removing any inessential furniture. You may love that >

Home staging makes good sense. It can attract more offers, and at a higher average price. So consider it when selling a house. For more information about how staging can increase your homes sales price, contact your local trusted Realtor today.

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