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7 Tips To Help Your Family Survive A Summer Renovation Project

Written By: Mikkie Mills
Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The following tips will help you and your family survive a summer renovation project.

Decide What You Will Keep

Before the start of a renovation project, take a close look at the belongings in the area that will be renovated. Decide which of these belongings you and your family would like to keep. Indecision on these matters can cause delays with your project. Anything you do not intend to use in the new place should be discarded or donated.

Find A New Parking Space

The contractor working in your home will need to come and go throughout the day. Your contractor will need to bring workers and materials to your home. You should make sure contractors and workers have easy access to your home. It may be necessary for you to park further away from your home so your contractor can have access to your home.

Protect Adjoining Rooms

Your remodeling project may affect rooms other than the room where the work is being completed. For instance, repair work and drilling in one room can cause items in adjoining rooms to become dislodged and suffer damage. You should declutter these adjoining rooms and place fragile items in a location they will be safe.

Provide Alternative Entryways

You should provide one point of entry to your home for your family and another for workers. You should make sure the entryway used for workers is free of toys, bicycles, and other things that will block the pathway of workers. Make sure the path available to workers provides them with access to the main electrical panel and shut-off valve for the water.

Remember To Enjoy The Summer

There will be times during the remodeling project that the best thing for you and your family to do is leave the home. The noise of repair work and the odors created by things like paint and floor finish will at times seem unbearable.

This would be a great time to enjoy the many great places to visit in your city or a nearby town. Home renovators in Utah can search for hotels in Utah to provide them with a place for their family to have fun and >

Minimize Dust Spread

There is a risk of dust spread throughout your home during a home renovation project. Your contractor will try to contain dust in the area where he or she is working but this will not always be possible. There are a number of ways you can help with this goal:

bull; Keep interior doors closed.

bull; Seal doors with painting tape or plastic sheeting.

bull; Protect stairs with runners or plastic sheeting.

bull; Replace HVAC filters both during and after the renovation project.

Protect Kids And Pets

Children are naturally curious and will be drawn to the site of the renovation project. Do not allow them in an area where work is being done. They should also not be allowed in a room where a renovation project is underway during non-work hours without supervision. The noise and new faces in your home will also cause your pets to become excited. They will also need to be kept away from the worksite.

Many families choose the summertime to schedule home renovation projects. While there are definite advantages to completing renovation projects during the summer months, there are also a few reasons for concern. The seven tips mentioned above will make a summer renovation project more manageable for your family.

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