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Does Hardwood Flooring Increase Property Values?

Written By: Devon Eddy
Monday, April 15, 2019

Hardwood Floors Sell Homes With a Neutral Look

Many real estate agents advise their clients to keep their homersquo;s decor as neutral as possible when putting that house on the market. Prospective home buyers often have a difficult time imagining their own color choices and personal belongings in a home with an eclectic or unusual look, so a simple but warm decor often appeals to more homebuyers.

Hardwood floors sell homes with a neutral look that appeals to a wide range of buyers. For example, a prospective buyer who prefers a modern >

Hardwood Flooring, Durable for Years

People in the market for a new home donrsquo;t like to think of moving into a house and having to immediately make extensive or even minor repairs or updates. No matter their other features and even a homersquo;s price, buyers tend to overlook houses with sagging wood window sills, a dilapidated roof, outdated plumbing and electrical features, and other materials in poor repair, in favor of homes in good condition.

This is true for a homersquo;s interior floors; old and worn carpeting inside your house can cause a prospective buyer to move on to another property rather quickly. However, hardwood flooring is durable for years Even if itrsquo;s a few years old, wood flooring is likely to be in good condition when yoursquo;re ready to put your home on the market, ensuring that you donrsquo;t lose any prospective buyers simply because of the condition or appearance of your homersquo;s floors.

The Most Durable Wood Floors Withstand Wear and Tear

The most durable wood floors will appeal to a wide range of buyers who are looking for a ldquo;turn keyrdquo; home, meaning one in good condition, as said. However, many prospective homebuyers want a flooring material that will remain in good condition long after theyrsquo;ve moved in as well

Even if a house has >

The Ease of Cleaning Hardwood Floors

While carpet fibers are softer underfoot than wood floor tiles, those fibers are also notorious for trapping dirt, dust, mud, pet hair and dander, human hair and shed skin cells, insect droppings, cigarette ash, pollen, and a list of other irritants Regular vacuuming and consistent shampooing or steam cleaning by a professional is cumbersome and expensive but typically the only way to keep a homersquo;s carpets clean and hygienic.

Prospective homebuyers know that the density of solid hardwood floors makes them much more hygienic overall and easier to keep clean on a daily basis. Solid wood floors wonrsquo;t trap dirt and dust and typically need nothing more than a light dust mopping to stay clean. For prospective buyers who demand a clean flooring surface and donrsquo;t appreciate lugging a heavy vacuum around every day, hardwood flooring makes your home much more valuable in their eyes

Can You Paint Solid or Engineered Hardwood?

Another great selling point when it comes to hardwood floors is that you can paint or stain solid or engineered hardwood. The wood floor experts at Kansas City Flooring Pros note that a professional flooring contractor should first sand the floors properly before recoating, to create a surface that will hold paint or stain properly without removing so much timber that you damage the floor slats or create grooves and swirl patterns along the floor.

However, if left in the hands of a professional, painting solid or engineered hardwood floors allows you to change their appearance as often as you want, going from a light whitewash to a dark walnut stain and everything in between While you can dye carpeting, this process is not as versatile as painting or staining hardwood when it comes to giving your homersquo;s interior a fresh new look. Prospective homebuyers might appreciate the option of changing the appearance of a homersquo;s floor somewhat easily over time, making your home more appealing to them.

Hardwood is a Floor Option for All Seasons

If your home is located in an area with extremes in weather, hardwood floor tiles are an excellent option and one that many prospective homebuyers might appreciate. In colder climates, a dark paint or stain color will keep the homersquo;s interior warm. In tropical climates or areas with long, hot summers, a gray or whitewash floor color keeps a home cool and comfortable.

Prospective homebuyers might also appreciate that they can place a thick area rug over wood floors during cold weather and then remove that rug during summertime, to keep the homersquo;s floors comfortable no matter the weather. Changing the appearance of a homersquo;s floor this way is also an option if a homeowner tends to change a roomrsquo;s decor throughout the year, as they can also change the area rugs and their new homersquo;s flooring will always coordinate perfectly with the overall appearance of its surroundings.

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